my soul still burns!

August 30, 2003  🎲 👾

On one hand, I wasn’t too enthused about Soul Calibur 2. I’m not very good at fighting games. The GCN controller is great, but its d-pad is too tiny for anything but marginal use. I already have Soul Calibur for Dreamcast, and anything else is going to be a pale imitation. Having Soul Calibur 2 would distract me from finishing my quests in Soul Calibur 1.

Golf That I Can Enjoy

August 29, 2003  🎲 👾

A few days ago, my wife and I had some friends over for dinner. We rented a movie, and I thought we might rent a party game, since Mario Party 4 had been such a hit during a previous visit. I saw Golf on the shelf, and it looked like a decent bet.

here there be fun!

August 17, 2003  🎲 👾

I don’t like any of the MMORPG’s that I’ve seen. Some of them look like they’d be fun games, but most of them are full of idiots who seem to want to “win.” Given that an MMORPG is usually designed to be unwinnable, this leads to idiocy. On MU*’s, we’d call these people twinks. Their goal wasn’t to play the game as it was designed (as a place to play for fun) but to play to “win,” which generally meant “to get more powers and stuff than anyone else.”

At least it was cheap...

July 26, 2003  🎲 ⚔️ 👾

One of my co-workers is really into PC gaming, and more than once, recently, he’s asked me anxiously, “Have you ever played Morrowind?” I heard about it when it came out, and I thought, “That doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.” It’s an RPG, which makes it pretty questionable to begin with, in my book. I’ve always thought that microcomputer-based RPGs that try to actually model non-static storylines are doomed to failure.