soul calibur 2 weapons master mode

September 3, 2003  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

I first picked up Soul Calibur so that it would be around when phun and another friend of mine came up to visit and play games. At first I just thought of it as a sequel to Soul Blade, and I enjoyed the versus mode fighting.

where are all my secret characters?

September 1, 2003  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

September 30th was chock full of Mario Golf. I played 54 holes of tournament mode, followed by a few holes of ring target. Later that night, some friends came over and we played nine holes of multiplayer and nine of doubles and then some of the coin challenge. I may have played some more holes that I can’t remember, too.

my soul still burns!

August 30, 2003  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

On one hand, I wasn’t too enthused about Soul Calibur 2. I’m not very good at fighting games. The GCN controller is great, but its d-pad is too tiny for anything but marginal use. I already have Soul Calibur for Dreamcast, and anything else is going to be a pale imitation. Having Soul Calibur 2 would distract me from finishing my quests in Soul Calibur 1.

Golf That I Can Enjoy

August 29, 2003  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

A few days ago, my wife and I had some friends over for dinner. We rented a movie, and I thought we might rent a party game, since Mario Party 4 had been such a hit during a previous visit. I saw Golf on the shelf, and it looked like a decent bet.