journal for 2003-10-12


What the hell? Why must every movie about con men want to be The Sting?

Look! Plot twists are fine in movies that need seriously twisty plots. In other movies, maybe you should sit the hell back and let the story tell itself from beginning to end. I don’t want to find out that the wonderful relationship I’ve been watching is really a big fat lie. I want to see a happy movie once in a while, even if it isn’t a comedy!

I am sick of self-congratulatory garbage.

We saw Matchstick men today.


Nanowrimo is coming up again. I feel like I have no chance of finishing it, and I cna’t even think of what to write. I really feel lousy right now. I have no motivation or inspiration, and I don’t feel like I’ve actually written anything good in the past few years—either prose or code or anything else.

I need to do something about it, because I feel really unhappy thinking about this.

Playing Viewtiful Joe doesn’t make me feel like a useful, productive person.

Written on October 12, 2003