small doses means less rage

June 13, 2003  🎲 👾

I think it’s probably pretty rare that I’d be able to write a honest-to-goodness first impressions story on a game that I’ve beaten. Wario Ware, though, isn’t a game that you try to win, it’s a game that you use like a recreational drug. Winning is just there to serve as a goal to keep you playing long enough to get hooked.

bowser's first defeat

June 7, 2003  🎲 👾

I didn’t stay very stuck in Yoshi’s Island, in the end. Over the twenty-four hours following my last update, I sat down and focused on Hookbill’s Castle. I died a whole lot, and then gave up. Then I went through another session like that, but it ended with me beating Hookbill. I tried the next level, but only once.

teacher. mentor. ultimate annoyance.

June 4, 2003  🎲 👾

I think there’s a fairly large population of people who like chess but aren’t very good. They want to play it more, but are ashamed to display their lack of skill, and therefore they play very little and don’t improve.