journal for 2003-09-16


I just woke up from a weird dream.

I had been somehow sent into the past, and was in the World Trade Center. There was a party on the top floor, and I was attending. In case of attack on the tower, they had rigged a bizarre series of skywalks and bridges that could be dropped from the top of the towers down through the space between them. It was all suspended by chains, and very very unlikely. Apparently they knew to put this kind of thing in because some number of government people had also travelled back in time, possibly to prevent terrorists who had gone back in time. I have no idea. There was some reporter who knew something weird was going on, too, because he couldn’t video tape anything. He just got static.

I also was, for some length of time, clothes shopping. I think I was Eminem, and I was buying a blue shirt and a white tank top to wear over it, which was (in my dream) Eminem’s trademark outfit. I was buying it at a very class-looking store, presumably in Detroit, although it looked more like Boston and Powell’s was nearby.

Written on September 16, 2003