November 28, 2003

I give thanks for Thankgiving! It rules!

here we go!!

November 25, 2003  🎲 👾

At college, my room was part of a suite in a tiny brownstone with about 20 students in it. I had about the biggest TV in the house, so I put it in our suite’s common room along with my N64. It must’ve gotten hundreds and hundreds of hours of use playing 007 and MarioKart. When I got the Cube and put the N64 away, Kart was one of the games I missed the most. My wife and I were still playing it pretty regularly, but I hoped something else would fill its place. There were a number of contenders, but we were both eagerly awaiting the new Mario Kart.

100% pure platforming

November 24, 2003  🎲 👾

When I was first introduced to the original Prince of Persia, the game was already old. I thought it looked keen, but I couldn’t manage to not fall on spikes. I got sick of it and never played another PoP game again, until Saturday. All the reviews I read gushed and gushed about the new game. While my wife looked around Victoria’s Secret, Sands of Time became a fifty dollar impulse purchase.