journal for 2003-09-25

my wedding ring

My wedding ring doesn’t fit my “wedding finger” anymore. We took it to the jeweler, this weekend, to get it resized. First, they said it was no big deal, and would cost twenty bucks. Then he said it was hard, because it was platinum. When I pressed, he said it would cost sixty. Then I got a phone call saying that it couldn’t be done, but that they could put “beads” inside the shank. It didn’t sound comfortable, and would cost ninety. They also spoke in mystified tones of “The Butterfly Spring,” which was also apparently an option. I took back my ring to explore my options. Another option is to get another ring. I’m hoping to avoid that; I like having the one ring and keeping it. If all else fails, though…

In the meantime, I’m wearing the ring on my right hand. I tried my left middle finger, but it felt like it got in the way. On my right hand, though, it makes me feel like I’m living in some alternate backwards universe.

<rjbs> everything feels in reverse today
<rjbs> like, mirror image
* rjbs is wearing his wedding ring on his right hand.
<bda> Ah?
<rjbs> very disorienting.
<bda> Why?
<rjbs> doesn't fit left anymore.
<bda> That's kind of creepy.
<rjbs> what part?
<bda> Yes.


Argh. I have learned that one of the biggest hassles in importing data to the new finance system was overcome incorrectly. Now I get to dissect another table and do it the right way. I sure am glad that there’s no documentation on all this!

Lo! I cannot wait until this thing is over.

Written on September 25, 2003