journal for 2003-09-17


I had a weird nightmare last night, but I couldn’t remember it upon waking up. I tried and tried, but I couldn’t do it.


I don’t have an iPod.

My tracking number still tells me that it’s “In Transit” from Shanghai.

Yesterday, I realized that I had two tracking numbers, and I started to dig. It looks like they’re shipping a ton (well, 1800 pounds) of iPods from Shanghai to Illinois, and then mine from Illinois to me. I don’t know why they sent me both tracking numbers, but clearly they meant to indicate that it had shipped only when it got to Illinois and headed out to me.

I called Airborne Express again yesterday morning, and they continued to be useless. In fact, they didn’t even uncover the above information. The just said, “Sure looks like it’s shipping from China. We can’t tell you anything more for a few days.” Days?!

I called Apple, and noted that their receipt told me it was going to ship from California, but that the tracking information told me it was shipping from Illinois and that it had been picked up in China. They said, “Uh, sorry.” At least they said they’d refund my shipping charge.

When this is all over, I’ll send them a report. I doubt they’ll care.

Now, at least, the huge pile of iPods has reached Chicago. It says it’s “at Destination Station,” which I assume means that it’s ready to go out for delivery. It hasn’t, yet. I sure would like to get this thing by Friday. Nine days isn’t too much to ask, I think.


I am getting doubleplusunhappy about my work lately. Dumping and hand-washing data is not my idea of a challenge, it’s my idea of busywork. The thing that gets me is that I feel like no matter whether I work hard or don’t, I will be neither rewarded nor punished. My only motivation, a la Office Space, is to work hard enough to not get yelled at.

Honestly, I feel motivated to work harder than that, because I have (I think) a strong work ethic. I’m most unhappy that I am now growing to resent my work ethic, because it has become a clearly counterproductive character trait. My employer doesn’t seem likely to ever give raises, and my job gets more and more uninteresting as the months go by.


I wanted to write some die-rolling software, so I found Games::Die. I’ve made some modifications and spoken about them with the author, which has led to some interesting discussion of further modifications. I think we might end up with a really keen dice bundle.

Written on September 17, 2003