Hello, world!

My name is Ricardo Signes. I live in Philadelphia. I do lots of normal human things, including sometimes writing computer software.

I made my first home page back when HTML 1.0 was cutting edge and Netscape Navigator had just hit the scene. I didn’t believe for a minute that HTTP would replace such tried-and-true services as Archie, Veronica, and (my favorite) Gopher.

Sure, I was wrong, but I’ve never admitted it enough to really dive into producing amazing web content. I just write blog posts once in a while.

Contact me

If you know me, please be in touch. I always like to hear from old friends. If you don’t know me, but have something interesting to say or ask, feel free to contact me. If you don’t know me, and have nothing to say or have something to sell, please don’t bother me. This is my personal contact info, not work. I will never, ever give my custom to merchants or recruiters who solicit me directly via email or telephone.