journal for 2003-09-18


I had weird dreams. In one, my legs were covered in some kind of blue patter, like blue spokes and rings forming little spiderwebs. The thing was that the entire surface of my legs was blue. I noticed this while on the toilet, which was full to the brim and would not flush. Later, I saw that the guy across the street had locked himself out of the hosue and fallen asleep on his front stoop. I went to take him a blanket, but by the time I got there, he and his kid’s father-in-law were both awake and eating soup, but they kept falling asleep into their soup. It was gross.

I hung out with some gay guys, who were apparently friends of mine. They worked on a ranch, I think. We went to some store for homosexuals, but I don’t recall anything there being abnormal. They sold a purple soda (purple cola soda?) that I said I liked and couldn’t find elsewhere. I seem to recall that it wasn’t a gay-oriented soda.

I kept thinking I was going to wake up with blue legs, a full bladder, and a broken toilet.


Instead of those things, I found that I had no iPod. This didn’t surprise me: I didn’t have one when I went to bed, and it wasn’t really likely that it would be delivered overnight. All day, yesterday, it sat, unchanging, with the big shipment sitting “at destination station” in Chicago. Finally, last night, it was updated with “cleared customs” and the dreaded, “in transit.” This morning, my individual item is updated and now claims to be “picked up.” It says it was picked up before it cleared customs. I won’t argue. Clearly, though, Airborne’s logistics software could use some bug squashing. If my package starts to move today, I guess I can expect it tomorrow or (more likely) Monday. Ugh.

Written on September 18, 2003