poor mister green brother!

Holy crap, this game is freakin’ hilarious!

I played Paper Mario for the length of one rental when it came out, and I thought it was pretty good. Then, as time went by, I kept wanting to go back and play the whole thing through. By the time I really thought to go do it, though, my N64 was boxed up and Paper Mario was going for $30–plus the annoyance of hooking the 64 back up.

I was pretty psyched to see this sequel, and despite my intentions, I found myself buying it this afternoon. I spent most of the afternoon playing MarioKart, but I decided to give M&L a try between MarioKart and going to the gym. Lo! It was fine.

The gameplay is, so far, okay. I’m sure it will get better as I start doing weird doubled-up moves. As far as I’m concerned, the gameplay isn’t the point, at least not yet.

This game is freakin’ hilarious!

A villain from the Beanbean Kingdom steals Peach’s voice and replaces it with explosive expletives. Bowser can’t kidnap her safely until her voice is restored, so he contracts Mario to help get her voice back. So far, that’s as much of the plot as I understand.

Evidence of the games hilarity includes (quotes not exact): <blockquote>

	Prince Peach's voice will soon be the bread in the sandwich of my master's
	desires!And your doom will be the mustard on that sandwich!


Later, I ran into the Hammer Brothers, standing in front of a tapestry of the castle at the end of SMB World 1-1. They were stoked to finally see me, and I had to play jumprope with them. I know they said something hilarious, and I’ve already forgotten it. As I keep going, I’ll need to take notes.

Written on November 18, 2003
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