journal for 2003-11-30

vacation ends

Today is my last day of loafing around before I have to go to work and start loafing at my desk again. This was almost certainly the vacation on which I did the most relaxing, so I’m hoping that I’ll arrive back at the office just raring to get work done. I imagine I’ll also feel like I should’ve gotten a lot of work done while on vacation, but… I was on vacation! I’m going to try to enjoy the fact that I did nothing.

I did do one or two things today. Well, I guess if I want to limit that to productive things, I did one thing. I’ve been hoping to play more games with my icehouse pieces, mostly because it seems like something cerebral but relaxing to do. I was looking at rules for Pikemen, a chess-like game, and I thought it would be fun to write a Perl module to generate diagrams of Icehouse pieces of chess boards. That made me remember my old intention to update my go module to work with Simon Cozens’ modules. I started to work on that, which led me to think his module needed a better hoshi point-finding method, which I wrote. He’s told me that I can go ahead and take over the module, and I will. It may be my first module on the CPAN, unless I get a few more subclasses of Mario ready.

As for unproductive things, I played a lot of StarCraft, but I think I’ll be putting it away for a while now that vacation is over. Gloria and I played Mario Party, which was both fun and frustrating. I’ll write more about it for $gamesite, but the key problem is that I don’t want CPU players. They annoy me.

I ate the last of the leftover turkey, which was a disgusting but excellent experience. I was covered to the wrist in grease, and basically found myself holding the carcass against my face while ripping off little pieces of meat with my teeth. It was fine. I decided to forgo dinner and have a TastyKake pumpkin pie instead.

Gloria is still feeling sick, and I’m unable to be helpful. This is, I think, largely because I don’t know how to cure what ails her. (Maybe I should go suggest bourbon?) She’s been taking it easy, too, which is good. We watched the Muppet Christmas Carol. I like that movie.

I can’t think of anything else interesting that happened, and even the above wasn’t too interesting to start with. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to meet local people who I’ll find interesting and worth hanging out or playing games with. It seems like an NP problem.

Written on November 30, 2003