journal for 2003-11-11

food food food

Oh, the food-eating I have done!

bda and phun were up this weekend, so there was both eating and snacking. Also, beer. We also took a nice long break from the gym. Yesterday I had planned to start back onto the narrow road, but pizza for lunch was too tempting. Then, we had a nice light dinner, but my parents called and invited us over to try a special pizza that Joe (of Penn Pizza) made for them. It was awesome. Today, back to rice cakes and protein bar.

I’m hoping this gorging will convince my body to start dropping weight again. If not, I should at least try to get back to something reasonable before Thanksgiving hits, because I plan to eat me some turkey.


No progress. Maybe I’ll get back to work this week.


I picked up Mario Party 5, which is lots of fun. I also picked up SMB3, which is a total blast from the past. I’m still no good at it. It’s-a fun! I’m looking forward to getting the weird suits, like the Hammer Suit and the Bear Suit.

Written on November 11, 2003