journal for 2003-11-29

black friday night

We didn’t do much last night, which was fine with me. Gloria wasn’t feeling so well, so we stayed home and she did some power napping. I played some StarCraft and BZFlag. We had some yogurt and granola for dinner, which was a nice light little dinner.

Around 1730, our friends Lori and Katie came by, and they and I ate again. (Well, they hadn’t eaten dinner.) We had some of our Thanksgiving leftovers, and it was super. Cold turkey remains totally awesome. After chilling for a while, we went to Katie’s house to see her new kitchen, and sat around for a few minutes. Pretty soon, though, my allergies started to get violent and we took off. I hate being allergic to cats.

We came back to our place and had some chocolate and tea, and we played Zendo. Oh, Zendo remains as awesome as I remember. Everyone enjoyed it, and I’m hoping I can play it more. I lent Katie (and thus her husband) Prince of Persia.

saturday out-chilling

This morning has been pretty chilled out, too. We got breakfast with Gloria’s friend Andrew. He’s being immediately reassigned (basically) to London, which seems pretty interesting. We ate at Tortilla Flat, the newish Mexican place downtown. It was good, but the service stank, as usual.

We went over to my parents’ place, later, and I did some dremelling. I bought a plastic pencil case at Staples, and I want to keep my GBA games in it. It had some built in dividers, though, and they were useless to me, so I cut and ground them out. It was fun, although I didn’t get everything down to a smooth edge. Still, it’s better than it was.

We came home, and we’ve mostly been chilling out since then. We ate some good pizza from Ray’s. I played some BZFlag and some StarCraft; I thought about trying to figure out RAMbots, another Icehouse game, but I thought I needed more stashes than I have. Now that I think about it again, though, I think I was wrong. I’ll have another look.

Of course, first I think I’ll play some more StarCraft.

Written on November 29, 2003