March 20, 2005

Something got me thinking about the gopher protocol last week, and I thought it would be fun to implement something like Net::Gopher::Server. It’s given me an excuse to read Network Programming with Perl, which has (so far) been quite good. I’ve been reading the gopher RFC and a lot of old USENET threads about Gopher+ and other extensions, too.

reading, repast, reconciliation

March 18, 2005

I’m not getting much reading done at all, lately, which is no good, since I really need to finish and return the library book I have out. It’s due on Monday! I hope I can get another renewal.

reviews, rewards, relaxation

March 16, 2005

I just finished writing some short, so-so reviews on the page. Dave Cross mentioned that someone at O’Reilly felt that the UG program was underused, so I’m going to try to use it. I’ll see if I can’t get some of the other guys to express some opinions on the books, and see if there aren’t any nice books coming out for review soon. (This summer, at least, I can try to get a review copy of Simon’s new Advanced Perl Programming.)

friday, fish, and free demos

March 12, 2005

Today was Jay’s last day here. He finished his Math::Calculator implementation on Thursday, so I gave him something simpler. I asked him to reimplement one of my first-ever Perl programs, an Esperanto dictionary. It just took some text file I’d found (or maybe generated) of Esperanto and English words. Every line is one Esperanto word and an English meaning for it, tab-delimited. I wrote a little interactive lookup tool with regexps and a decent interface in about 55 lines. Jay didn’t do too much worse, which was nice to see. He had a few fewer features, but it was fine.

classes, class, and cavies

March 10, 2005

Ok, I’ll seriously try to lay off the guinea pig news after this update! Snoozer and Wookie seem pretty happy. We took them out for a joint game of “sit on Rik’s chest,” and Wookie won. They both seem happy to let us reach into the cage and pet them, although they still run for the pipes when we walk into view.

momma cavy, mortal kombat, and more math::calculator

March 9, 2005

Gloria and I had been worrying about how to find a playmate for Snoozer. Snoozer seemed pretty despondent. She just hung out in her pipe and if she came out at all it was while we weren’t looking.

mini-cpan, mod-start, math-calc

March 8, 2005

The CPAN mirror on my laptop now has an index that starts like this:

	File:       02packages.details.txt
	Description:Package names found in directory $CPAN/authors/id/
	Columns:    package name, version, path
	Intended-For: Automated fetch routines, namespace documentation.
	Written-By: CPAN::Mini
	Line-Count: 28162
	Last-Updated: Tue Mar8 03:08:06 2005

cinema, sly, and snoozer

March 7, 2005

Yesterday, we went to the movie theater to see Million Dollar Baby. It was a really good movie. Clint Eastwood is The Best. Unforunately, the other moviegoers were sorely lacking in manners. The woman beside us was, it seemed, instant messaging someone on her phone. It was making keypad beeps and glowing a bright blue. The guy behind us kept tapping his feet to some unheard syncopation. A few people kept explaining scenes to each other. (“He said he likes PIE!!”) I really wanted to be polite and ask these people to behave, but I felt that if I did, and they said no, I would be unable to restrain myself from smacking them around.

membership, mentoring, and maina

March 4, 2005

Yesterday, I made some comments about liking American Express. Later that afternoon, sky mentioned that he, too, liked them and that he’d gotten the impression that many camelfolk are fans. We started talking about the various programs that AmEx offers and discussing what differs between UK and US service.