it was a rough day

June 18, 2005

This morning, my bus broke down on the way to work, and I was over an hour late. While there, I found out that some of my code, which had passed all its tests, was not working properly. It turned out that in some code that said “print if testing, otherwise send mail,” the thing I was printing or sending differed, because I had two variables with too-similar names. My fries, at lunch, were insufficiently salted. On the way out of the office, I realized that I lost my bus tickets – in other words, about $30. I’m pretty sure they fell out of my pocket at lunch.

on language used in public

June 18, 2005

I am not shy about using some amount of rude language in conversation when it’s appropriate. Heck, I swear about as much as anybody else on IRC (except sungo).

lego star wars

June 17, 2005  🎲 👾

…but first, a note about my location. I am on the bus to work. The bus seems to have broken down in some way, and I believe it’s the result of driving over a traffic cone. I’m hoping we’ll be moving soon, though.

land of the dead

June 13, 2005  🍿

There is a new George A. Romero zombie movie coming out in a few weeks, and I didn’t know about it. I could spend a lot of time being amazed that I didn’t know, but instead I will just jump up and down with joy.

macstumbling through philly

June 11, 2005

At the Greyhound station in Philadelphia where I catch my bus, there’s an open wireless network. Sometimes I use it to get a few quick messages off or to sync a few files before the long trip home. Today, as we pulled out, we went in the opposite direction of the usual, and I saw a new network pop up as the old went out of range. This made me think that it would be fun (for some values of “fun”) to run MacStumbler on the way out of the city. Right now we’re a little over halfway out, at 30th Street Station, and I’ve already seen about sixty networks. It makes me wish I had a GPS so that I could make a little map. I don’t think I’d have any use for it, but it would be neat.

recursive "make test"

June 9, 2005  🐪 🧑🏽‍💻

Shawn Sorichetti, God bless his soul, gave me what I’d long wanted: a sample test script for testing Rubric::WebApp using HTTP::Server::Simple and Test::WWW::Mechanize. It wasn’t the Mech stuff I was worried about, but the HSS. Shawn gave me two little files to drop in place and see the whole thing work. Now I am set to start testing all kinds of crap!

maine road trip, drew's wedding, sortilege

June 7, 2005

My good friend from college, Drew, got married on Saturday. He was the best man at my wedding, and he invited me to be a groomsman at his. I had a good time, and I think he and his new wife are going to be happy together.

i've got facets on my tags

June 7, 2005  🐪 🧑🏽‍💻 📕

Well, I made a bunch of little steps here and there toward 0.12, most of which relate to implementing facets. It’s been a real pain, mostly because I didn’t realize how many places I rely on tags being plain old arrays. I think that once I finish the horrible hack/spike of getting everything working again, I will re-refactor tags to use some kind of TagSet that is polymorphous, appearing as both an array and a hash. For now, I’ve got facets basically working in 0.11_01, but there are enough bits that I had to leave unwired that it isn’t worth releasing yet. I need to finish some talking with Mark Stosberg about the way that D::FV isn’t yet perfect in my eyes; I’ll certainly be using it by 0.12, though, even if I just subclass it to get my changes in.

rubric v0.10 released; plans for v0.12

June 2, 2005  🐪 🧑🏽‍💻 📕

I released 0.10 last night, and I felt pretty good about it being free of major stupid bugs. So far, I have only found two major-ish stupid bugs, so I’m not feeling too bad about that. I thought I’d totally consolidated all checking for validity of a tagstring to one place, but I was wrong. When getting a query-by-tags from the URI, I’m using outdated logic, which means that tags with hyphens in them are still invalid. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this, if I hadn’t wanted to look up my int-fiction links for Thomas, today.