organization, cpants, and choice

I’ve made some revisions to the paperwork I use to try to organize my day. I figure other people might find it useful, although the chances of that are probably slim. If you want nice simple todo/done forms, suitable for clipboards (full or half sized), they’re in my hacks dump.

I also made some revisions to my CPANTS/Querylet script. It lets me figure out what modules for a given author (usually me) are imperfect in some manner of Kwalitee.

Today, I am trying to make every chunk of time fairly useful, so I will keep this short. I will just add that “The Choice is Yours (revisited)” may be the best hip-hop track ever recorded.

Written on March 31, 2005
📚 cpan
🌀 productivity
🏷 querylet
🏷 tool