me play xbox good one day

December 23, 2004

Last night, I “finished” the single player campaign in Halo 2. Why the scare quotes, you ask? It’s not because I wasn’t playing Legendary (I was playing Normal). It’s that Halo 2 didn’t have a very satisfying ending. I heard no end of complaining about this in the internets, so I was pretty well prepared.

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making my mime mail merger

December 22, 2004

We wanted to send out a “Seasons Greetings” mail to our customers. I asked why we couldn’t just use Office’s mail merge feature, and it turned out that we wanted a custom “from” for each recipient, so that every customer would get the email from his sales rep. This requirement was later dropped, at which point I realized that Outlook doesn’t mail merge for email. You can only mail merge if you’re going to print, fold, and post your snail mail. Ugh!

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things i like: refactoring, reuse

December 14, 2004

Refactoring code is the best. By making a promise to myself to refactor (mercilessly), I can get my code written quickly, It isn’t beautiful, but it works. I get to write lots of code. Then, when it works, I get to go back /and write it again/! Not only that, but I get to make it better. Then, because it’s better, I can use it to do more things, which I code quickly, and then get to re-code.

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firefox bug foils omniweb import

December 9, 2004

I don’t understand my own modus operandi, but here it is:

  1. identify a problem
  2. produce simplest easy solution
  3. totally ignore solution for X duration
  4. get around to trying it
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segfaulting 5.6

December 8, 2004

Well, I knew I’d forgotten to tell Number::Tolerant to require 5.6, which it wants. (I like warnings and our, and I’m willing to require 5.6 for them. It’s old!) Now I realize it needs 5.8, too, due to this weird bug:

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extending my tolerance

December 7, 2004

I really couldn’t stomach the idea of working on the shipping system today, so I opened up the old bug list and looked around. One that caught my eye was a stupid little bug in the CGI form parser for part of our requirements system. It was having trouble turning a field in the form “FLOAT - FLOAT” into a tolerance – with Number::Tolerant, that is.

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