good-bye bryar, hello rubric

Well, I originally meant to use Rubric as a place to keep notes as well as bookmarks, and then I decided it would be a decent journal system, too. I didn’t actually use it for that, though, because it didn’t seem worth it. With a few Bryar annoyances and Bryar looking to be somewhat abandoned, I figured it was time to move.

Last night I wrote a quick “transfer” script to dump my journal entries from my main Bryar datasource, fine tuned it a bit, and let it go. I think the main thing I’m going to miss is the WikiText, which I used for exactly one thing: code blocks.

hide has suggested I use Kwid, but I don’t know what, if anything, I’ll use to format my entry bodies. I’m happy with plaintext, as long as it preserves paragraph breaks. I might just put in pre blocks by hand, but I guess time will tell. Since my Rubric isn’t writeable by the public, I can just leave the bodies unfiltered and do what I like.

In other news, Email::Store was a complete nightmare to install, largely because of SQL::Translator. I had to force SQL::Translator to install because of broken tests. In fact, I shouldn’t say that Email::Store was hard “to install,” because after getting all the prereqs installed it wouldn’t pass all its tests, and I gave up in frustration.

I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to write my own much simpler indexer. Probably not. Maybe it’s time to really get Plucene working on my system, and to learn how to use it.

Resident Evil 4 remains totally sweet.

Work is still meh. I asked, yesterday, about the chances of a experienced programmer being hired, but it was brushed off. I wonder, lately, at what other careers I’d be good. Too bad I can’t be a highly-paid professional slugabed.

Written on April 6, 2005
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