halo, rubric, and other scum

December 6, 2004

I’ve been a little depressed, and I’m not sure just why. I haven’t felt very inspired to get anything done, which was OK for relaxing but not great for … well, for getting things done.

itunes light and dark

December 1, 2004  🍏 💾

On one hand, iTunes crashes all the time when I use it at home. On the other, it is completely awesome for use as an iPod content manager.

rubric still making me happy

November 30, 2004

I’m happy that I haven’t been distracted by some other object, yet. There are a number of reasons, the most important are probably that I’ve got a real use for Rubric, I’m taking it slow, and there are a few other people who have requests of it.

thanksgiving and annoyance

November 27, 2004

Thanksgiving was great, despite several attempts by Fate and Me to screw things up.

all-around ok day

November 25, 2004

I got up sort of early, considering I’m on vacation, but I just wasn’t tired anymore. It’s weird since I had such a hard time getting to sleep last night. I even watched the last half hour of Hypercube, which was utterly dreadful. Gloria went off to work at the yoga studio and I chilled out, poking at some code and playing a little bit of GTA. Mostly, I vegetated. When she came home, we went out to Granny McCarthy’s for lunch. As usual, it was slow, mediocre service, and too expensive. My sandwich was really quite good, though, so I forgive them. It was nice thick slices of roast beef, a nice strong Swiss cheese, and a good baugette.

dear grand theft auto: die die die

November 24, 2004

I want to RELAX on my vacation. Sometimes, I relax by playing video games. Even if I get frustrated, they are usually fun. GTA:SA is not being fun, right now.

1. e4 ...

November 23, 2004

I want to play more chess. By “more” I mean “more than one game each year.”

metroid prime woe

November 19, 2004

Metroid Prime 2 remains great. I had my second boss battle today, and it was good. I now have quite a bit of new gear, and I’m enjoying doing all the usual Metroid stuff. Around 20:00, Gloria had been home (from teaching Yoga) for a little while, and I thought we’d watch some of the Jeeves and Wooster we had from Netflix. It took me nearly forty minutes to find the next save station, having just entered a new zone. There should never come a point in playing a game where you are frustrated that you can’t turn it off without losing a lot of work. Ever.