untitled haiku 5

January 6, 2005

the sound of a train
traveling through
the phone line

strategies for getting things done

January 6, 2005

First off, I will not let the turkeys get me down. When someone above me on the totem pole gets stressed over something political, I will not. I will continue to work at the best pace I can, and I will not use my disgust as an excuse to slack off. Furthermore, I will not be disgusted. I will be filled with Tao.

undebugged javascript

January 5, 2005

It makes me sad that MSIE has no useful JScript debugger. There’s a debugger, but it’s horrible and approaches useless. There’s also no equivalent to Mozilla’s DOM Inspector, which is wildly useful.

todo for 2005

December 31, 2004

First of all, I’d just like to note that I’m sad to see another year gone without jetcars. It’s almost A.D. 2005 and we have no practical jetcars, no practical videophones, no cyberdecks, and no rollerball. Get to work, people!

lousy things from the entertainment industry

December 30, 2004

Racing Stripes - a young girl decides to jockey a zebra, and rides it to victory. Featuring Steve Harvey and David Spade as the voices of horseflies, one of whom swims around in a human’s coffee, farting. At the Snicket movie, also lousy, the audience laughed.

seven under par!

December 29, 2004

Like I said earlier, I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Golf this week. Mostly I was focusing on unlocking the “star characters.” When you get the star version of a character, you can play him with slightly different stats and a wildly improved swing. Yoshi, for example, went from driving around 205 yards to driving around 250. Wow!

sick on vacation

December 28, 2004

Today is my second day off from work. It’s dumb to work between Christmas and New Year’s, and my intention is not to do it again.

christmas, preliminary report

December 26, 2004

So, I don’t want to sound like I think Christmas is a materialistic treasure-hoarding event, but here’s my preliminary report:

  • a gift certificate to Mangoes
  • a big ceramic jar, full of cookies
  • a gift certificate to Borders
  • a gift certificate to Macy's
  • a gift certificate to Walmart
  • the Xbox Live starter kit
  • a pair of UberOrbs
  • book: Don't Think of an Elephant!
  • dvd: RoboCop 2
  • book: The Joy of Cooking
  • book: The DC Comics Encyclopedia
  • book: Eats, Shoots & Leaves
  • book: Less than Zero
  • book: Stealing Sheep
  • game: Steel Battalion: Line of Contact
  • a crazy knit full-head-and-face mask
  • a nice wool scarf
  • book: The Princess Bride
  • an Inca Cola t-shirt
  • an iPod car charger
  • four new rubber feet for my PowerBook
  • a subscription to In Character magazine
  • some ferrero rocher
  • ghiradelli chocolate and caramel squares

untitled haiku 4

December 24, 2004

every evening
i take off all of my clothes
and become naked

me play xbox good one day

December 23, 2004  🎲 👾

Last night, I “finished” the single player campaign in Halo 2. Why the scare quotes, you ask? It’s not because I wasn’t playing Legendary (I was playing Normal). It’s that Halo 2 didn’t have a very satisfying ending. I heard no end of complaining about this in the internets, so I was pretty well prepared.