laptop, laptop, lama sabachthani

My laptop is dead. I am not happy about it.

I’ve been noticing little noises from it for a few months now. Basically, when I’d move the machine, it would whirr a little more than usual. Other than that, nothing.

Monday night, it started making some uglier noises, and even stopped responding for thirty seconds or so. Tuesday, the noises graduated from ugly to scary. It sounded like the hard drive had been replaced with a weed whacker.

It refused to boot once, and was then fine. Once I got to work, it kept freezing during disk IO, and then I heard it: the click. Everyone knows what I mean: that horrible click that signals that your drive is dead, even if it hasn’t yet lain down.

I have nearly everything backed up, but I didn’t manage to get my latest iTunes library file or the last few photos I put into iPhoto. I’m sure I’ll lose some good pictures of the pigs.

I ordered a new 40G Travelstar from Jazz Technologies yesterday, and I hope it gets here quickly. I think I’m going to do the replacement myself, which will (I predict) be un-fun but successful. Wish me luck.

Written on March 20, 2005