January 25, 2005

Last night, work called. “The network is down!” I was dreading the trek in to the office, but I talked someone through restarting the downed server. It went down again, later, and it’s still not clear to me just what happened, but it was annoying. At least I didn’t need to head in.

fish, beer, snow, muffins, and not-zombies

January 23, 2005

Last night, Gloria and I went to Granny McCarthy’s for their Friday fish’n’chips. It was OK. I enjoyed it, but just as an event. I think that I prefer the fish and chips at the Brew Works, but the Brew Works is noisier and more crowded. On the way home from dinner, I ran into Penn Pizza and grabbed a six of Pilsner Urquell. Brian came by and we hung out for a few hours, talking about geeky things. I showed off Rubric and Wikalong. Brian is learning how to use regular expression, and said he’s using the Sams book. I’ve heard it’s a good book for beginners, but I’ve also heard that there is no good book for beginners. I’m waiting to hear what he thinks of it, overall.

always know where your towel is

January 21, 2005

Tonight, I knew where my towel was. It was on the third hook from the shower entrance. That’s the one directly over the plug and one to the right. It was there when I went into the shower, hung on top of my locker key.

not one damn dime day

January 20, 2005

There is some asinine protest going on, today. People are going to refrain from buying anything, today, to protest the war.

dear web stores: listen to me

January 20, 2005  🤤

Everyone knows that I’m full of something. What many people don’t know is that the something is good ideas. This is a public notice: I am full of good ideas. (“I have so much love to give!!”)

rubric and wikalong

January 20, 2005

My friend John wrote Wikalong, an extension for Firefox that lets you share a little margin for the webbernet. Basically, when you go to a page, you get a wiki page that’s associated to the URL. (I feel proud to be the person to first call it a wiki-margin for the intarweb.)

my name is ... what?

January 19, 2005

I am not a stickler for how people spell my name, but I figure I’ll get it stated publicly at least once.

fletch, city of god, and more

January 19, 2005

We finally watched City of God, today. It had been sitting on our floor for a week or so, so it will be good to get it back to Netflix. When I first heard about this movie, I thought, “How could they possibly make a /movie/ of the City of God?” I’d assumed it was St. Augustine’s work.

the events of the day

January 18, 2005

It wasn’t a long weekend, but it really felt like one. Today it was a little hard to get my mind into my work, but I still got some things done. I am just completely burned out on this project, and I want it to end. I want it to be over, and then I don’t want to think about it for a few months. My burnout is making me worthless, which is making me depressed.