productive pig, not me

Today started with two guinea pigs in our apartment, and ended with three. The new baby is tiny and cute and awesome. We don’t know yet whether it’s a girl or a boy. We’re hoping for another girl.

I didn’t get much done, today. John was here and we hung out and poked at things. He showed me the CRM he’s writing in XUL, and it looks like something that most salespeople would find nice and useful. I want to show it to some of our salesfolk. We also kicked around a XUL program for drawing simple pictures and saving them to XPM.

Gloria and I ate a big dinner at the diner, and then got ice cream. I stared at the TV for a while and then tried to fix this weird display problem. Everything has been looking grainy for a few days. I tried changing settings and running the hardware diagnostics, but nothing helped. I reinstalled the OS on an external drive, and it was fine, but when I transferred my settings, it fell over. I rebooted again and found that changing my display from “thousands” to “millions” of colors fixed things. I’m sure I had tried that before!

Oh well.

John and I did spend some time working on autocompletion of tags in Rubric, but I’m discouraged by the lack of examples for selecting text in an input field in WebKit. Tomorrow I’ll do what I meant to do today: map out the basic tree of operations in Rubric and try to better define the stashes needed by templates. I should really try to look at Data::FormValidator again, too.

Written on April 3, 2005
🏷 guineapigs
🌀 productivity
🧑🏽‍💻 programming
📕 rubric
🏷 xul