powerbook repair a qualified success

April 14, 2005  🍏 ⚙️

Last night, my laptop starting making its weird noises again. This morning, they had gone from “weird,” past “awful,” right to “unholy.” It was like there was a duck or bicycle horn inside my computer, making noise that I didn’t think a hard drive could make.

using google maps to balance my checkbook

April 12, 2005

Sometimes, a transaction shows up in my online bank statement that I can’t identify. This is nearly always because it shows up as an address instead of a business name. Most credit charges show up by name, but debit charges sometimes just say “1234 Street Drive.”

choosing my poison: sqlite problems

April 12, 2005  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻 📕

I really, really like DBD::SQLite, but I wish it didn’t have such irritating little quirks. I’m not sure how much of the problem is SQLite and how much is DBD::SQLite, but it drives me batty. Here’s today’s example:

hardware sucks, software sucks, taxes suck

April 12, 2005  🍏 ⚙️ 🐫 🧑🏽‍💻 📕

This morning, I stumbled out of bed and to my laptop, only to find the machine asleep. It wouldn’t wake, which told me that the battery was nearly empty. It was still plugged in, but the plug light was off. I unplugged and replugged it a few times, but nothing helped. I used Gloria’s brick for a while and just before leaving home gave it another go. This time, it worked.

today's mass

April 11, 2005

Gloria had a long yoga teacher training class, today, so we went to the 07:30 Mass. There were fewer screaming kids than at most 10:30 masses, but the two who were there really made up for the difference. The Kyrie and Gloria were recited, which was nice, but they weren’t sung. Neither, in fact, was the Psalm, which I thought was a loss. Maybe the 9:00 mass will be a compromise: a sung Kyrie and Gloria and Psalm, but a few more babies.

small progress with rubric

April 11, 2005  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻 📕

I released 0.08 of Rubric the other day, which had quite a few improvements over 0.06. There weren’t any really major changes, but the little changes added up to, in my opinion, a greatly improved user experience.

zombies, zombies everywhere, and not a drop to drink

April 11, 2005  🎲 👾

A few months ago, Dann had bet me that in two weeks I’d be able to pick up Resident Evil 4 for twenty bucks at Game Crazy. I challenged him to put his money where his mouth was, and he took me up. On April 2nd, I went over to Game Crazy and that found the only used copy was about $40. I picked it up, and on Tuesday I’ll get my winnings. In the meantime, I’ve been playing a good amount of Resident Evil. I think I’ve put in about five hours in the last week, and it’s been pretty darn enjoyable.

microsoft peripherals

April 7, 2005  ⚙️

Why does MS introduce peripherals that are well-designed, and then make them less so? Their Natural keyboards used to have normal inverted-T style arrow keys. Now they have some sort of insane cross configuration. There, they took the standard and ditched it for something dumb. I guess that’s par for the course.

updating tools, losing time

April 7, 2005  🌀 📕

My daily accomplishments form lets me keep track of how I spend my time each day. When I realize I’ve utterly wasted a block of time, or can’t account for it just ten minutes later, I color it in black. Today, I had an hour and three quarters of lost time, which is just awful.


April 6, 2005  📚 📕 💾

I keep seeing people post links to Rubric, but they post the link to version v0.06_02 or something. It’s frustrating, because I imagine newbies downloading an old, broken version and going nuts.