gluing my life together

May 29, 2004

I did a bunch of AppleScripting today, making me both like and dislike AppleScript more than ever. It reminds me of OLE and VBA in a lot of ways. The fact that so much stuff is scriptable is great. The underlying models are often not awful, and it’s easy to do easy stuff. The problem isn’t (always) the object models, but the language. Just like VBA, AppleScript sucks. I think it sucks differently, but it sucks nonetheless. It makes it easy to dismiss scripting of applications, in fact, which is sad.

moving day

May 28, 2004

Today, I helped Brian move. Gloria and I slept in until around 0730. I relaxed a little and played some Mario vs DK. Gloria made me an egg and toast, which was a nice start. Around 0900, she gave me a lift to Brian’s, and soon I was movin’ stuff. I was surprised at how much stuff there was to move. Brian had promised that all the little stuff would be moved, and this was almost entirely true. Mostly, we moved beds, shelving units, tables, and desks. There were just a lot! In fact, every time I thought we were done, it was revealed that more stuff was somewhere else. After the house’s two floors were empty, someone told us that there was stuff over the garage. When that was done, there was stuff in the basement. Once the last big load was loaded into the truck, Cindy (Brian’s wife) showed up with some pizza and beer, and I ate too much. Once that load was unlaoded at Brian’s new place, I came home. I was just beat and filthy and needed to be done.

spam subjects

May 27, 2004

I have a huge archive of spam. I’m actually a little surprised, now, to see it’s about 450 megs. Today, I got a piece of spam with this incredible subject:

gym, work, home

May 27, 2004

Today was pseudo-productive, like the rest of the week. I got a lot of concepts fleshed out, but no code written. I’m hoping that Friday I can get those concepts approved so that when I’m back from my exile I can really get to work. At the moment, just about all of our new business systems, save finance, are my responsibility. I plan, soon, to become drunk with a very moderate amount of power!

exile draws nigh

May 27, 2004

I fly out, Saturday, for my second exile of the year. I feel like it’s really crept up on me. Tomorrow I’ll be helping Brian move, but that shouldn’t take all day. After that, I’m hoping Gloria and I can chill out and do something fun and just be cool. Friday I’m working again, and then Saturday is mostly free until my flight. I’m flying out around 2100, so we don’t need to leave until the evening. If all goes well, I’ll sleep on the plane as much as possible and slip right into BST.

little projects

May 24, 2004

I’m always pleased to see people post their little twenty-line hacks on use.perl, following lines like, “I wanted to do X, but it was annoying to do manually, so I wrote this.” It’s really weird that I do that less and less as I become more of a coder and less of an admin. (Really, that change is pretty complete by now.) So, I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing little time-savers.

work, dinner, movie

May 21, 2004

Work was so-so today. I got some stuff done, including some things that should, I hope, fix some pretty big problems. I also took on another pretty massive project, but I feel good about my ability to make it work. I need to put together a little overview about what projects fit where in the big picture. I think there’s some confusion, even on the part of my boss. I know it’s because I haven’t bothered being really clear about how I think everything should work. In the end, nobody really needs to care but the coders. We’re the only ones who’ll see the dotted lines separating the projects.

more blog mods

May 21, 2004

I was really annoyed to find that my Bryar patch, for passing config objects instead of Bryar objects around, was nowhere to be found. I recoded the changes, then immediately found the patch. That’s life.

blogging better

May 20, 2004

So, I complained that Bryar isn’t making my life full of roses and cherries. A large part of that is my own fault, I will admit. The problem, in summary, is something like, “Bryar takes care of all the hard stuff, but now I need to write all the easy stuff!” I had written a DataSource and Document class, but they were pretty hacky. So, my blogging experience has been meh. Also, I’ve been using WikiFormat, but only sort of. I really want Mint, but I didn’t want to wait or to implement it myself, so WikiFormat was a reasonable alternative. It was just annoying, in a few ways, and didn’t map everything I wanted.


May 19, 2004

I’ve been sick. I still feel pretty meh and tired. I’ll update this more later. For now: