silent hill defeated

April 4, 2004  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

I’m not sure what made me think I should play more Silent Hill. My wife and I joked about it now and then in the months since I last played. Actually, it had been nearly a year, when I put the damn game back in. I think I had wanted some more horror in my life after watching the new Resident Evil 4 trailer. Someone on IRC suggested I try SH2, and I pointed them at old articles. “The hospital!?” he cried! “You’ve barely played!”

the master chief, victorious!

March 4, 2004  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

After something like a year without Halo, I decided it was time to kick some more Covenant ass. A bunch of my friends picked up Halo for their Macs, and they kept going /on/ and /on/ about how it ruled and I was a grouch for not liking it.

they called this a classic?

March 1, 2004  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

I know that sometimes one can go back and play an old game that was really well-loved when it came out, and then one might think, “Wow. This game stinks.” All the while, though, it’s just that the game is old and dated and has been one-upped by a million clones.