in flight entertainment

I’m in seat 45B on this 747. In case you don’t fly much, that means that I’m neither at the window nor on the aisle. Despite that, it’s alright. I’m between two small and quiet people, and there’s nary a screaming baby in sight. I’m feeling quite awake, and I’ve had a half liter of Red Bull so far today, with another 250 mL in my bag just in case I start to drift. I think I’m going to be fine, though, getting back into US time.

I was really looking forward to watching the second half of the The Office Christmas special, but shortly after the entertainment systems were turned on, mine died. I waited a while and finally asked for help. It came online, showed a few minutes of a movie, and then just as I began writing that last sentence, Tux showed up and piles of ifconfig and other standard GNU/Linux-y stuff scrolled by. Tee hee!

It’s “loading please wait” right now, but I believe that by the time I finish this paragraph, it will be ready for me to get back to being entertained. (Augh, now it’s “loading fonts.” Please, just use Courier and let me be amused!) I’d try playing the onboard Trivia game again, but it was just so slow last time. The questions were fine, but after each question there was a big delay before seeing the scores and then a big delay to the next question. I couldn’t take it. If the game were much, much faster, it would be much, much more fun.

I tried playing some chess again, this time, but it seems that that game is offline. Maybe the reboot will have fixed that. I’ll wait until after I’ve seen my show before trying.

Written on June 5, 2004