July 16, 2004  🐫

A lot has happened since I wrote last, at the pace of about one thing per day. If I’d been making entries every day, this wouldn’t be such a chore, but I haven’t so it is. I need to get this stuff written down, before I forget it all, but it’s harder and harder to make entries as I buffer more and more material to put in them.

$insult += $injury

July 7, 2004

I decided that rather than sit around on my butt, I should to try to get some fresh air and go cycling. So, I went out and rode over toward Allentown. I thought about picking up a botle of vermouth, but I’d left my Timbuk2 at home.

feeling low

July 6, 2004

I can’t get into specifics because the information is still somewhat confidential. I’ll post details in a few days. For now, I will say this: a co-worker of mine, whom I considered a friend, has left the company. On his way out, he sent a nastygram claiming that my work was going to be the ruin of the company.

independence day, inform, and introcomp

July 6, 2004

Yesterday was pretty good, but not very holidayriffic. We mostly hung out, went to the mall, watched some TV, and relaxed. We took my mom to Perkin’s for pie, and my pie (apple caramel pie) was good. I had ice cream, too. We had some corn dogs for dinner, and they were tasty.

saturday in brief

July 4, 2004

I slept until around 0900, and then we relaxed for a while. Gloria read the paper, I read some news, and we just chilled out. Around 1100 we headed out for some breakfast, and decided to try breakfast at the Retro. It was pretty mediocre. I could’ve made the same myself, and there would’ve been at least one fewer crazy guy standing around asking whether anybody had ever made lasagna.

tolerance, useperl, holiday

July 1, 2004  🐫

I just finished talking with pudge, who diagnosed the problem I was having posting to; I think I may try to rewrite the WWW::UsePerl implementation in SOAP. I think it’ll just be simpler. Maybe.

another long day

July 1, 2004  🐫

The layoffs continue. A problem with shift work is that it takes time to get through a round of layoffs. They should be done by now, though. Maybe I’ll look into things before I go to bed.

successes and failures

June 28, 2004  🐫

So, I forgot to mention, yesterday, that I fixed our toilet. I only had to replace the flush lever, but it made me feel handy. I look forward to being able to get a house where I can do more handy things like fix stuff, break stuff, and fix the stuff I broke. Also, painting.