life after yapc

June 22, 2004

I’m happy to be home! YAPC was a good experience, although I think OSCON was on the whole better, for a number of reasons. Most of them, though, boil down to location. The other tracks at OSCON, of course, meant that there was always something I found really interesting, but I mostly stuck to the Perl track. There were more people at OSCON, but I didn’t have time to meet everyone at YAPC! Anyway, I’m glad I did YAPC, glad I’ll be doing OSCON, and hope to keep on doing both.

the end of yapc

June 19, 2004

I can’t write down today’s events in detail. I am incredibly full of pasta, and I had enough wine that it’s had some effect. Here are the basics:

yet another omission

June 18, 2004

Last night, just as I was shutting my lid, Ian sent me a message following up on something we’d talked about at the Kwiki BOF. This reminded me that I’d said nothing about it.


June 18, 2004

Today was better than yesterday, I think. There was less going on, so everything was more manageable. I had another waffle at breakfast, and it was good. I didn’t do a first lecture, and instead tried to get some work things done. I owed someone at work some notes for a meeting, but it turns out that the meeting had been cancelled in part due to the lack of notes from me. I was mildly annoyed, because I had hours until the meeting. Still, it was not unreasonable on the organizer’s part. I just felt like I was going to end up taking blame for not doing something that I was really doing. I’m not worried about it.

pre-yapc yapc

June 16, 2004

YAPC starts tomorrow, so all the immediately pre-YAPC stuff occurred today. I’ll start with last night, though: Bryan came to town last night, and Gloria and I went to pick him up around 1810. It was really hungry out, so we went right home and Gloria got to fixin’ a giant muffeletta. It was a fine, huge, tasty sammich. Bryan and I had a game of go. I was sure he was going to win, until a little past halfway through, when I felt pretty sure I would win. Rather than go through the pain of scoring, we agreed that I seemed to have won and let it go. We also agreed that maybe next time we’ll play on a 13x13 board, not a full 19. It was good.

airport express

June 8, 2004

I’m not sure whether the AirPort Express is totally cool or just sort of mildly interesting. For the most part, $130 is too much for the use I’d expect to be able to get: I imagine I’d use it to turn a wired connection into a wireless one in situations where I’m a guest somewhere: someone else’s house or a hotel. Neither seems very likely. Those friends to whose houses I’d bring a laptop probably have 802.11, and at a hotel I’m probably fine with an ethernet cable. Most hotels I’ve been to don’t have reasonable internet, anyway.

lazy day

June 8, 2004

I took today off, as a kind of make-up Memorial Day. Gloria and I mostly relaxed. We watched The Guru, which was pretty darn funny, and six (!) episodes of Farscape. I felt a little Farscaped out before the last two, but they were Really Good episodes, so I’m glad we pressed on. Only two more to go and we’ll be through the first season!


June 6, 2004

The flight home was actually not bad at all, except for the too-small seat. I watched the second half of the The Office special, and it was very good. I watched Starsky and Hutch, and it a lot funnier than I’d expected. I watched part of The Demonic Ape, a documentary about chimpanzee violence, until the entertainment system was turned off. It was good, too. I played a bunch of Mario and Luigi, completing the beanstar and levelling up a few times. I’m afraid it will soon be coming to and end, though.