i survived monday

I have survived Monday. It is now Tuesday, just barely. I’m not really tired enough to sleep, yet, but I will be soon. I’ve been watching Total Recall, which is really a much better movie the first time than the fifteenth. It’s amusing how someone can be so traumatized by (mild) lack of pressure that his eyes bug out, but seconds later feel just fine. He doesn’t even have bloodshot eyes. That’s my kind of planetary trauma!

Work wasn’t very productive. When I’m in an office with other people, it’s like I have to work or else. When I’m working at home, it’s like I’m granted an opportunity to do some work in a relaxing environment. Here, it was more like I was being challenged to work somewhere uncomfortable. I did not rise to the challenge very well.

I ate lunch (a protein bar) pretty late, but I was still hungry when I left work around seven, so I stopped by the pub and had another steak and ale pie. It was alright, but the place was fairly crowded and my table was awkwardly positioned. I listened to some parents discuss the merits of the latest Harry Potter movie, but that wasn’t very interesting. I also made some more progress in the AppleScript book, which was more interesting, but on which I’m starting to be overdosed.

Um. I must digress for a moment. The BBC (or whoever runs channel five) is airing some little documentary about British porn. Apparently because of some recently-adopted European Union laws, it’s now much easier to make legal porn. So, I just saw some very British guy talking about how what the Brits can bring to porn is humor. “I mean, you see some chick shagging, getting anal sex and laughing? You won’t get that from American porn.” I’m sure that will really fill a big hole in the market, too. (Ha ha. Get it? Fill a hole?)

Anyway, I didn’t hit the gym, but instead stared blankly at a Vim buffer. I am worried about my chances to have something ready for IntroComp. I need to get crackin’. When it was painfully clear that I wouldn’t make any progress, I played a little Armagetron, which is pretty fun, but hard. Gloria called, and we talked for a while. Her new yoga/work arrangement sounds like it’s going to be interesting and weird, but (I think) good. I played some Mario and Luigi, mostly just trying to level up a bit, since I was having a hard time beating the giant pirranha plant as I stood.

Another digression: “European human rights mean that hardcore pornography videos must be legal.” Then, “I sent a video to be rated and it had a girl licking her own nipple, and they said ‘No, we don’t think that’s right’ [and banned it]. Two weeks later, I released my first double-penetration.” Then they show the producer taking the panties off one of his “actresses” and sniffing it. As he does this, the actress gives her partner a look that could only mean “isn’t that creepy?” This thing is amusing, but awful. What an awful career. (“I’m not in it for the money,” says Violet Storm, “I’m in it for the sex. And for meeting people.”) I’m going to stop transcribing now, though, because it’s just getting too wierd. Some old shopkeeper saying, “Here you got your gay section: your magazines, your videos, your bondage…”

Anyway, today was so-so. I’m hoping that the rest of the week is really wicked productive. If my counterpart here isn’t totally free, it’s going to be really rough.

On a final, and unrelated note, I picked up a e-book of the Torg book for the Cyberpapacy. I googled for “torg cyberpapacy” and found rpgnow.com, where one can buy PDF files of cheap RPG rule books! It’s pretty cool. The Cyberpapacy book, however, is not. I wasn’t expecting much, since the whole concept of the Cyberpapacy was always pretty lame, as was Torg in general. The specifics just make it lamer. Much lamer. It makes me want to write a cool cyberpapacy setting, just to prove it can be done, but I’m nto sure it can. Still, it would be a fun setting for an IF game…

Written on June 1, 2004