back on track

We fell horribly behind yesterday, but today we caught up. I think that our coverage of one or two topics will be well below what I wanted, but I think we’ll do alright. I’ve even had time to meet with a few other people with whom I had some business. So, I guess I may color this trip a success. That’s good, because if I had to do all this travelling and miss out on National Hot Dog Day just for a failed set of meetings, I would be pretty irked.

Anyway, I hope tomorrow goes well. We have a lot to do.

I had a giant yorkshire pudding at lunch today, full of mashed potatoes, peas, and sausage. It looked great but tasted so-so. It tasted like it was microwaved or something. I’d like to taste a better-made version of the same dish. I stuck around work for a few hours after everyone left, but didn’t really get much accomplished. I did a fair bit of my perl-oo-explaining by way of a hypothetical RPN calculator object, and I poked around a bit at implementing it, with tests, for no good reason. Maybe when I’m done I’ll play around with writing dc in Perl, but I doubt it. It’s just a distraction, for now.

Pet Sematary is on TV. Fred Gwynne, who played a cop in “Car 54 Where Are You,” Hermann in “The Munsters,” and the judge in “My Cousin Vinnie,” plays a major character in it. I like him. He seems very affable. During the first few minutes, the female lead steps out of the car, and it was Denise Crosby, Star Trek TNG’s Tasha Yarr. I laughed, but I was totally shocked when the male lead stepped out. It was time-travelling cop Darien Lambert from one of my guilty pleasures, “Time Trax.” That show rocked and sucked in equal measure, but it was fun.

What ever happened to “They Came From Outer Space?” That shows was great. I never seen it in reruns. Of course, I never look.

Anyway, I’m not watching Pet Sematary. The movie just looks very, very dark and unpleasant. Instead, I’m sort of kind of watching “Poor Little Rich Girls,” which seems like “The Simple Life,” but watchable. The people involved are not horrible obnoxious celebrities. Of course, it’s still reality TV, so I have a hard time caring. Fictional characters are more interesting.

I really think I opened Vim to say something specific, but I just can’t think what it was, so I’ll give up. If it comes to me later, I’ll try again.

Written on June 4, 2004