falling behind

I’ll be brief, since it’s quite late, here.

I’ll start with a digression: I’ve noticed that because my little entry-maker script uses local time, it will be clear that this entry was written around one in the morning, even though I’m not in my usual time zone. That’s nice.

We (the other developer and I) were interrupted a number of times today. On Tuesday, we’d managed to get through all but two of the things I’d wanted to get through. I felt good, since I intentionally overbooking. Today, we only got through one of the two carry-overs, which is pretty bad, in my opinion. We did have a very productive-seeming development meeting with the whole pile of developers, both those in title and those employees who just write a bit of code here and there. That was good.

I’ve got Duan, the other developer, understanding the basics of Perl objects, and the teaching experience was very satisfying. I’d like to be able to do that again. Tomorrow, we should get down to specifics: programming practises and how I apply them and will want him to apply them. Largely this will be a crash course in Extreme Programming and in the actual codebase at work. I really hope we can get through that, and hopefully more.

After work, Godfrey and I played some Rise of Nations, and it was good. Then we got some dinner at Burger King, and it was OK. Then I rang up Gloria on iChat AV with an iSight on either end, and it was totally awesome. It was very nice to be able to see Gloria smile and talk and stick out her tongue at me, and I think that all my previous suspicions that iSights are cool have now been confirmed. Totally awesome. After that call, Godfrey and I played some Empire Earth, and the game went on for ages. I was well behind him, by the end, and sort of watched most of the latter half. I tried to call Gloria before leaving work, but I got no answer.

So, now it’s 0115, I’m quite tired, and I think I’ll shower and sleep. If I shower tonight, you see, and I oversleep tomorrow, it’s one less thing to worry about. Anyway, I like showering at night, sometimes.

Oh, and one last thing, so I don’t forget it: one night earlier this week, possibly Monday, I was flipping channels and I saw something totally weird. It was an American Idol-style show. I know the American Idol came from Pop Star or Pop Idol or something like that, and was originally a British show. Here’s the twist: the show I saw was in Welsh. What the hell? It was too weird. Teenyboppers were singing awful pop music in Welsh. Incomprehensible.

This morning I saw some other weird thing in Welsh on TV, but I don’t recall what it was. Welsh always reminds me of Portugese, for no good reason. Maybe this entry will remind me, later, to try to hear them both in one sitting and see if it’s madness or if there’s a reason.

Written on June 3, 2004