wasting time

My flight is at 1600 today, so I’m trying to kill time until I go over to Heathrow. I started by staying up late. I wanted to be up until 0400, but I only made it to 0300. I slept in until around 1000 and then stayed in bed for another hour before getting up and getting out. Checkout was really crazy, so I’m hoping that it doesn’t mean a lot of people are leaving London, at least on my flight. I’m not really hopeful.

I looked for someplace to get some brunch, and finally was lame and went to the place I’ve gone a few times before, Garfunkel’s. I had a burger, which wasn’t bad, and some fries, which weren’t great. It was still only noonish when I left, so I walked back up the street to this internet cafe I’ve seen a few times. The rates are not ludicrous (I think), but even if they are I have some pound notes left to spend. (Well, or change back to dollars at horrible rates.)

So, I’m down in the basement sitting in a purple and red cubicle-like space, plugged into a little network. It’s pretty convenient. If the charge ends up being reasonable, I think I will move internet cafes from my “stupid” bin to my “useful” bin.

I still have a while to kill. If I overestimate and say it’ll take 30 minutes to get from here to Heathrow and if I need to get there at 1400, I have two hours to waste. I wonder how much it’d cost to waste two more hours here…

Written on June 5, 2004