monads, mac os, and motivation

As is too often the case, I feel uninspired to get things done. I really want to stop being a lump, but I sit and try to work, and I just don’t want to. I can’t feel like I have anything to contribute to my own projects, and I feel like if I try to just work through it I will become horribly depressed.

To fight this, I am trying to do more reading and learning, and I’m working on learning Haskell. So far, I really really like it. I’m going slowly, because I am not a bear with too many brains, but I understand it pretty well, so far.

I formatted and re-installed my OS this weekend, which has been a colossal pain, largely because of all the little things that I never think about, like reinstalling CPANPLUS, Vim scripts, and other little bits of code. Also, the little tweaks I made to Mac OS’s inner unix are now gone, and I’m trying to remember the ones I didn’t bookmark. Ugh, I need to fix the gateway on PPTP connections, for example!

Gloria and I are moving steadily toward becoming guinea pig owners.

Written on February 23, 2005