lunch, lug, and lent

Work today was OK. My ur-boss is in town, and I sat with him and went over The Big Project. He seemed impressed and enthused, which was good for my morale, I think.

I cleaned my office up a bit on Friday, so today I did some productive messing: I made index cards for current tasks and I printed off a new round of my little todo lists, which served me very well some months ago, before I got depressed and unmotivated. Tomorrow, I hope to power through some problems, especially a big one with data automation on one of our instruments.

I had lunch with Phil, and I wanted to talk about working with him to add some missing features to MacSword. As I explained what I wanted to add, Phil decided that what I really wanted was note-taking software, and he suggested Notational Velocity. I countered that NV didn’t do what I wanted, which is why I wrote Rubric. I told him about my thoughts on making a Rubric for bible verses, and he had some ideas that seemed to make things clear. (They involve writing URI schemata just for the purpose, and I’ll write more about it on CPAN::Forum sometime.) It was a good lunch meeting, even if Jazzman’s is too expensive. Of course, that was my own fault for eating there.

Tonight was the LVLUG meeting, which was so-so. Hever was talking about fvwm, and his talk was much more informative this time than last, I think. That is, it gave me more information that I could really apply… if I still used an X11 desktop. Still, it was useful. I want to get Hever to read and absorb Dominus’s Judo, or something.

More than that, I want us to either have generally useful, well-presented talks or a format that doesn’t require them. I’ll think more on that tomorrow.

I’m going to Mass tomorrow to get Smudged. I had three, count’em three, Krispy Kreme donuts tonight. Tomorrow begins Lent, and I am going to try to be hard core and mindful. I think I had a lot more to say about that, but it’s all slipped my mind as I explain the joys of iPod to my aunt. Maybe it will come back to me tomorrow.

Written on February 9, 2005