nine to five, eight, seventeen zero one

I worked today, mostly from home. I popped by the office to pick up some fastnachts. Here in the Lehigh Valley, there’s a fair amount of Pennsylvania Dutch influence. The Pennsylvania Dutch are German-descended, not Dutch, and instead of Carnival or Mardi Gras, we have Faschnacht Day. Before Ash Wednesday, we eat donuts. Gloria and I had ours today. They were good – nice and plain.

As for work itself, it was alright. I got some things accomplished. I finished some additions to our production database, tweaked my latest Querylet handlers, and played with some WSH scripts. WSH is irritating. I really, really hope that Monad is as useful and powerful as it looks. Of course, I’d like it even better if I was out of the Windows world before Monad gets released.

While sitting at the Windows box, I installed the Windows Sword Project application. I didn’t like it. I need to see if there’s a decent system for writing in my bible’s margins.

After work we went to the gym; it was my first time there in ages, and it felt good.

Gloria made some awesome vegetarian lasagna, and we finally watched some of the Netflix movies that TiVo had put on hold. Hard Eight was pretty good, I thought. It was very deliberate and easy to watch, for me. I certainly liked it better than Boogie Nights, but not as much as Magnolia. We also watched Free Enterprise, which seemed to be about nine hours long. It was awful. A few of the scenes with William Shatner were amusing, but for the most part it was lousy. Eric McCormack is a really distracting actor.

Oh, and I also got my account on CPAN::Forum fixed, and made some initial posts about Rubric, Querylet, and CPAN::Mini.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll return Prince of Persia 2. It hasn’t really been a lot of fun. Next up: Mario Tennis!

Written on February 8, 2005