control, caps lock, and charts

I upgraded to Mac OS 10.3.8 last night, and this morning things kept not working or showing up funny in iTerm. Then I realized that caps lock was no longer acting like control. The upgrade has broken uControl, presumably with new scrollwheel code. Richard Clamp posted a fix on the mailing list, but it didn’t help me.

This is bad, man, real bad.

To console myself, I will work on automating some charts. I always enjoy writing good reports with bad tools. I explained the charting process to a manager here like this, “Excel can make lots and lots of charts, telling you all kinds of useful things. The thing is that it doesn’t know how much it can do, and to convince it you need to lie to it about what you want. The key is knowing what lie to tell Excel to get the result you really want.”

I am engineering the proper xy problem now.

Written on February 10, 2005