apple terminal hell

September 9, 2005  🍏 💾

There is not a good terminal for use with Mac OS X, as far as I can tell.

defending copyright on the bible

September 8, 2005  🤤

A few weeks ago, I got an email asking about my RSS feeds for the daily bible reading provided by the USCCB. (The USCCB is the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.) I said that I hadn’t heard back from the USCCB since I last tried to contact them in June and they stopped returning my emails (though they seemed to be interested in providing RSS).

(the )?ringu?( \d)?

September 6, 2005  🍿

Everyone was so excited about The Ring when it came out that Gloria and and I, who don’t mind a good scary movie, rented both The Ring and Ringu back in early 2003. I thought Ringu was really scary, and still do. I wasn’t really excited by the ads for The Ring 2, though, and we didn’t go to see it. Every once in a while, I’d see “Ring Zero” on the shelf at the Asian imported DVD place in the mall, but I avoided that, too.

wireless tivo

September 4, 2005  🔐

As long as we’ve had our TiVo, it’s been connected to our network by a long cat-5 cable that runs across the living room, through the library, and into the office. Tonight, John asked if I wanted to tag along on a trip to Best Buy. I did, just for kicks, but I had a quick look through the networking aisle and found a cheap 802.11g USB adapter with a “TiVo Compatible!” sticker on it. It was only $30 after rebates, so I bought it.

nexting out of loops via sub calls

August 18, 2005  🐪 🧑🏽‍💻

12:19  * rjbs wants macros in Perl. 12:19 rjbs: Lisp-style? :) 12:19 of course 12:20  * rjbs wants a simple expression that can evaluate to "warn and next" 12:20 (loop-assert cond message) 12:21 which would become (unless (cond) (warn message) (next)) 12:22 sub `loop_assert { my ($cond,$warn) = @_; unless($cond) { warn $warn; next } } 12:22 heh 12:24 er... wait... 12:24 that works!?  next will propagate up the call stack? 12:24 how did I not ever know this? 12:24 That's what the ` is for :) 12:24 no, but it seems to do so already 12:25  * rjbs tests more thoroughly. 12:25 Yeah can use loop control in a subroutine but you will get a warning too. 12:26 hell, I'll use "no warnings" for that.

my plane crash

August 17, 2005

I had a dream, last night, that Casey got me a job working with him at his new gig. I worked at a small desk pushed together with his and Uri’s. Our boss looked like Wilford Brimley, and knew it. He’d walk up to us and say, “What’s for breakfast?” I felt bad about ditching Pobox, but I guess I really wanted to work for Wilford Brimley.

coke zero

August 17, 2005  🥘

I’ve been drinking a lot of Coke Zero lately, despite my previously stated goal of evil-corporation-avoidance. Coke Zero is basically zero calorie Coke Classic. It tastes like Coke Classic, not like Diet Coke. I can get it, in Bethlehem, at 7-11, Wawa, gas stations or the grocery. Yesterday I stopped at the Wawa at 11th and Arch (I think) in Philadelphia and they didn’t have any. Everyone I asked about it at work assumed I meant Diet Coke with Splenda (the third Diet Coke), and hadn’t seen Coke Zero.

to my mystery donor

August 16, 2005

Today, I got a package from a bookstore in Brooklyn. It contained a copy of Shadows Over Baker Street, a collection of stories about Sherlock Holmes’s encounters with Cthulhu and the other Elder Gods. I did not order this book, although I wanted it. It was delivered to “Ric Signes.”

the issue with icons

August 15, 2005

We use Kwiki::Icons::Crystal at work, because (to quote John) “otherwise the toolbar ends up taking two rows!” I don’t want a multi-row toolbar, but neither do I want a huge array of tiny icons that often have little bearing on their link’s action.

good help is hard to find

August 13, 2005  🥘

We headed to Mr. V’s this morning for breakfast. Mister V’s Blues Cafe is in the site where Hack’s was; they’ve been open for about a month now, and this was our third trip there. I wanted to get eggs, sausage, toast, and grits.