we saw land of the dead

Gloria, John C., and I just saw Land of the Dead. It was good.

I had told Gloria that as long as it was at least as good as Day of the Dead, I’d be happy with it – this was not a tall order. It was much better, even though it did not live up to the promise of the original Day script, from which it took many ideas.

I sincerely hope that George A. Romero makes more Living Dead movies, and that he eventually does make the Dusk of the Dead that he once suggested: the zombies are spent, and groaning corpses are everywhere. Most people just try to ignore them, and the cleanup effort is nearly nil. He said something like, “people just step over them and look the other way, as if the zombies were homeless people.”

Sure, 28 Days Later was fun to watch, but Romero is more interesting.

Written on June 25, 2005
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