to my mystery donor

August 16, 2005

Today, I got a package from a bookstore in Brooklyn. It contained a copy of Shadows Over Baker Street, a collection of stories about Sherlock Holmes’s encounters with Cthulhu and the other Elder Gods. I did not order this book, although I wanted it. It was delivered to “Ric Signes.”

the issue with icons

August 15, 2005

We use Kwiki::Icons::Crystal at work, because (to quote John) “otherwise the toolbar ends up taking two rows!” I don’t want a multi-row toolbar, but neither do I want a huge array of tiny icons that often have little bearing on their link’s action.

good help is hard to find

August 13, 2005  🥘

We headed to Mr. V’s this morning for breakfast. Mister V’s Blues Cafe is in the site where Hack’s was; they’ve been open for about a month now, and this was our third trip there. I wanted to get eggs, sausage, toast, and grits.

making the switch to svk

August 12, 2005

Well, those long paths were too much for me. It’s not that I had to type them much… I just kept thinking about them. This morning, I couldn’t enjoy my yogurt, dreading the thought of having to type that huge svn+ssh URL again. Is it pathetic that my main reason for trying this way powerful svn client was to avoid typing long URL’s? Yeah, maybe. I don’t care!

kontinued kwiki koding

August 12, 2005  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻

Putting plugins into Kwiki installations is fun, and usually as easy as eating pie. I installed a bunch at work last night, and I think I’ll install some of them at home, tomorrow. Today, though, I did a little more work on tweaking the ones I like best (or need more): Kwiki::Keywords and Kwiki::Edit::RequireUserName.

bundles are awesome and suck

August 12, 2005  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻

John and I, both unhappy with the lack of awesome plugins on the Kwiki at work, made a list of what we wanted and got things installed. “Hey,” I said, “I’ll just make a Bundle!”

vim wish list: columns

August 10, 2005

I wish I could tell Vim that the file I’m editing is X-delimited values and have it replace the X’s with whitespace. That’s not my real wish, though, because I usually use tab’s for the X’s, anyway.

perlish testing in python

August 10, 2005  🧑🏽‍💻

I am not a Python programmer. I don’t do much work at all in Python. (It is almost entirely accurate to say that I do not use Python at all.) I haven’t tried their test systems, which seem sort of OK. One is jUnit. The other sounds neater: you provide a transcript of an interactive Python session, which the test framework tries to reproduce.

the new guy

August 9, 2005

So, there’s a new guy at work. His name is John, and he is my neighbor.

making the switch to subversion

August 9, 2005

I’ve been meaning to move to Subversion for quite a while, now. Maybe it’s been a year, I don’t know. I’ve been using it for Module::Starter, but that’s because Andy owns the repo for that. I used it for minicpan2, but that hasn’t been very active. Every time I start some new chunk of code, I think, “I should put this into svn!” Then I think, “but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do that trunk/tags/branches thing, and I think I screwed up my repository to begin with, and isn’t all this thinking about svn just a way to shave yaks while I put off writing the code?” Maybe it was, but “needing to get the code committed right now” was a reciprocal yak-shaving to keep me from moving to svn.