summer cleaning

My office has been a big mess, especially since all my things from my IQE office invaded it. I kept meaning to clean it, and finally I put it on my To Do list. I put it off for a few days, but the shame of writing the same thing over and over on my daily list finally caught up with me and I started cleaning up. So far, in cleaning out some Really Old boxes from the shelf in the office closet, I have found the following things:

My Really Small Coin Collection: Mostly it’s state quarters and a number of historical whole dollars (Saca, Susan, Ike, Morgan, etc.).

Lots of Old Games: Ultima VI and VII, various Quests from Sierra, Civ II Gold, SMAC and SMAX, Myth, MechCommander, and others. I was so excited to remember that I had MechCommander that I installed it and played a mission. See, when I first acquired MC, my PC was too lame to play it. My PC is now more than capable, so it’s fun to putter about. What a great game! Strategy games are lots of fun, even if I suck. (All told, I’m not really that cunning, I guess.)

Stationary: I found a lot of paper and envelopes printed with maps, an “Esperanto: la unua elekto por la dua lingvo” notepad, a full-size letter notepad full of Esperanto homework, some blank hand-made cards from my mother’s mother, and a few more bits of stationary.

Manuals Galore: manual for my TV, my other TV, my camera, my other camera, my speakers, and all kinds of other things.

IQE Paperwork: hiring papers, 401k papers, medical benefits papers (for the three kinds of coverage I had while there), reviews, and more.

Hardware: the only thing worth mentioning under this header is my old LPT scanner. (Anybody want one?)

Office Supplies: The best thing, here, is the pen refills for my really nice steel pen that BU gave me as a graduation present. I also found a refill for my favorite pens (Zebra F-301), a box of Sharpies, some dry erase markers, a huge quantity of replacement erasers for Zebra M-301 pencils, white out, and a blue flipchart marker.

A steel cigarette case: it’s empty, has no real odor, and looks like it could be engraved with a monogram. Anyone have any suggestions for repurposing it?

Well, maybe that’s it. (Oh, I also found a huge bottle of fluid for my eyeglass-cleaning spritz.) I’ve gotten a lot of it thrown out or better organized, but I know I won’t be done cleaning up before I leave for YAPC. Doh!

Written on June 24, 2005