yet more characters?!

March 24, 2003  ðŸŽ² âš”️ ðŸ‘¾

Well, after stalling briefly at a boss battle, I finally triumphed and defeated the big robot thingie that looked a lot like a futuristic Volkswagen gone awry. It was a thrilling victory, and led me to enjoy another thirty minutes or so of cut scenes. I like that. Ah, plot!

gems and turds

March 20, 2003  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

I think I’d romanticized Sonic in my mind. Sonic was the cool character in the really fast game that my friend had. I guess that made me want to have a copy of Sonic. Well, now I have Sonic. I have so much Sonic, it scares me.

so much sonic!

March 18, 2003  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

I never owned a Genesis. I never owned any kind of Sega until I bought a Dreamcast, and I bought the Dreamcast after they’d stopped making Dreamcast stuff. All my memories of playing Sonic the Hedgehog are blurry and indistinct. I remember thinking it was really hard and really, really fast. I never really wanted a Sega, so I can only assume that while the speed impressed me, the game itself didn’t.

der wille zur macht

March 17, 2003  ðŸŽ² âš”️ ðŸ‘¾

I took mdxi’s advice and bought Xenosaga. Sure, I waited a week or so, but I bought it. So far, so good. Lots of praise and a few major annoyances to follow.

digital crack

March 10, 2003  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

I’ve played The Sims, before. I had a copy for Windows, back when it first came out. I played hours and hours of it, not so much because it was fun, but because it was addictive. I had joked several times that it was like digital crack, and when I looked back at the reviews of the game, I saw lots of other people using that phrase. It’s true.