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January 8, 2003  🎲 👾

The Zelda series didn’t really get its claws into me until Ocarina of Time. Even then, it took a few hours of play before I decided that the game wasn’t too kiddy. I wanted to believe the hype; it took time, but eventually I was totally won over.

I paid fifteen bucks for this?

January 7, 2003  🎲 ⚔️ 👾

I bought my DC with a small stack of cheap games. All games for the DC are cheap these days. The most expensive game in my stack was Shenmue. I bought it on mdxi’s advice. He said it was an ambitious game, and that the hook was that you could just do whatever you wanted, whether or not you decided to further the plot.

Final Fantasy X: Underwater Love (m/m, nc, inc)

January 6, 2003  🎲 ⚔️ 👾

I picked up FF7 recently. Man, I loved that game. I thought about buying a PSX or PSone a few times over the past few years, mostly for FF7. It was just a total classic. The depth and scope blew me away.

jedi academy: i am not a jedi

January 4, 2003  🎲 👾

I rented a pile of games today, including Star Wars: Clone Wars for GCN. I’ve been letting the list of “games I want to play but not buy” get longer and longer, and it’s time to get some names off the list.