journal for 2003-03-31


Matt A stopped by IQE this morning. I gave him the fifty cent tour and gave him the five buck rundown on my projects. He seemed at least somewhat interested, and Trevor seemed likely to continue going forward with the push for a second developer. Hope!

I got some decent work done today, and tomorrow I hope to get some hacks thrown into MASH and PYL so that I can easily report what I did in the previous week. I’m not logging enough of my code changes to PYL—and I don’t want to—so they’re only going into CVS. Since it’s a PITA to say, “show me all commits in the last week” (AFAIK), I need to be more fastidious about logging bugs and their resolution to MASH. This means I need to make it easier to create records of bugs. It’s a hack, at the moment, and a clumsy one. I should get PYL working on PostgreSQL. It would give me some motivation to work on it more in my off-hours.


Gloria and I played a good pile of Tetris tonight. Tetris rocks. Not only does Tetris rock, but Gloria likes to play it with me. Playing video games with my wife is pretty much It. I played around an hour of Zelda, too. I ran a few errands and picked up the color pictobox, and then turn it off. Man, I could spend days—days!—just working on the pictobox quest.

The voting on IntroComp closes tonight, but I won’t hear results until the fifth, as I understand it. That’s OK. I’m anxious, though! As I’ve said, I mostly want to get feedback. Also, motivation to finish the work.


I’ve gotten started on The Waste Lands, the third Dark Tower book. So far, so good. I need to find some kind of real evidence that Mid-World, or whatever Roland calls his home, is definitely not Future Earth. I keep getting disdainful looks from friends, when I suggest it, but no one has yet said, “You are wrong because of X.”

I’ll probably finish VALIS this week, too, and I don’t plan to start reading the second VALIS book immediately. I’ll need a brain break. Maybe I’ll finish my C.S. Lewis and then read The Martians. I should make a queue.

Written on March 31, 2003