journal for 2003-04-08


I did my first bout of lifting (weights) on Saturday. The program I’d gotten from Getting Stronger seemed a little unchallenging, so I added a few sets. On Sunday, I was wrecked and took the day off from the gym. Yesterday, my wreckedness was worse. We hit the gym, and I took it easy; I did a half hour on the free-runner. Today I’m feeling a little better, I think. We’re taking the day off for our anniversary dinner, so when we go to the gym tomorrow, I’m really hoping to feel better.


Hollywood Video had put up a sign advertising “Game Crazy,” which I thought meant they’d just be getting a better selection of rental games. In fact, it’s a whole sub-store. They had a decent selection of games for the three major consoles, and Dreamcast, SNES, and even some Genesis and NES carts. It seems pretty cool. Meanwhile, Hollywood’s rental collection seemed improved, but still not great.

While there, I saw the box for Steel Battalion. Man, that’s a big box!

Gloria and I briefly talked about the coolness of obtaining a SNES/NES/Genesis. I still think I’ll go for the XBX first. Steel Battalion calls my name. Also, I can use the XBX as a free weight when I can’t get to the gym.


I placed third in Introcomp ‘03, which was roughly what I expected. I’m pleased, I guess. I wish we’d had more entrants. It seems that a lot of the competitions are getting less entries. I must endeavor to enter them, to keep the numbers up—and to get better at this.

Written on April 8, 2003