anybody here see tron?

January 20, 2003  🎲 👾

It’s not that Rez plays like Tron. It’s not very light-bikey or disc-tossey. It’s the pure, unadulterated visuals. The wireframe is a serious piece of coolness, and Rez does not mess around with it. It reminds you that polygons aren’t just cool when used, /en masse/, to simulate curves. They are cool on their own, thank you very much.

round one. fight!

January 19, 2003  🎲 👾

Most of what I could say will be, pretty much, a repetition of statements already given by the usual suspects. In brief:

a cryogenic nightmare

January 16, 2003  🎲 👾

Suspended is without a doubt my favorite piece of interactive fiction. Not only is it sci-fi, which was not common in the old Infocom games, but it was also a heavily resource planning game.

it's link to the past. enough said.

January 8, 2003  🎲 👾

The Zelda series didn’t really get its claws into me until Ocarina of Time. Even then, it took a few hours of play before I decided that the game wasn’t too kiddy. I wanted to believe the hype; it took time, but eventually I was totally won over.

I paid fifteen bucks for this?

January 7, 2003  🎲 ⚔️ 👾

I bought my DC with a small stack of cheap games. All games for the DC are cheap these days. The most expensive game in my stack was Shenmue. I bought it on mdxi’s advice. He said it was an ambitious game, and that the hook was that you could just do whatever you wanted, whether or not you decided to further the plot.