time travelling robots

February 21, 2003  🎲 ⚔️ 👾

So, my wife loves me: she bought me Final Fantasy Chronicles for Valentine’s Day. Since I’m still (intermittantly) replaying FF7, I thought I’d steer clear of FF4 for now and work on the other game in the package: Chrono Trigger.

most mediocre game ever

February 17, 2003  🎲 👾

I rented ZooCube from Blockbuster, and got a few hours of play out of it. I guess it was at least at least my five bucks worth, but that was the problem. I didn’t feel like turning it in late or renting it again. In a game with such a simple concept, the gameplay needs to be addictive, like Pac Man or Tetris. ZooCube has everything except that X factor that makes me want to stay at work and play Snood rather than go home.