journal for 2003-07-14

monday in brief

Today is the first day of my real vacation.

I got up, took a shower, chilled out, poked around on knave and humpty, wrote a little code, eat a little fudge, and played some games—including Mario Kart for GBA, which Gloria gave me today as the second bit of Birthday Week. It’s very good! I’m surprised at the graphics they get out of that little thing! It seems to be much twitchier than MarioKart64, but I’m doing alright. I’ve got a few medals so far, using my trusted hero Wario.

I met Gloria downtown for some packed lunch. It was good. I got a “buy one get one” cap on my diet Dew. w00t. Tomorrow I feast on calorie-free Dew.

I ripped all our Tori CDs this morning, and I’m almost done with our NIN. I’m working through the CDs in most-stuff-first order. It’s going well, so far.

I downloaded Uplink from Ambrosia. They made some of my favorite Mac games back when I used Macs at work, and Uplink looked neat. It’s got too many performance and clarity issues, though, for me to buy it. I might try EV Nova. I wonder how well Handsome Harry plays under Classic!

We went to the gym, and I felt good about that, when it was all over. Afterwards, we had some tasty pseudosausage parm sandwiches. I played some more Uplink (during which time I decided it was annoying) and then we watched some Food TV. I came back here to finish ripping the last few NIN CDs and write this; I wasn’t tired enough to sleep. I think I’ll let Halos 1 and 2 wait until tomorrow, though, because now I am tired enough to sleep.



I managed to delete three unread messages from my inbox, because I wasn’t paying attention. At least one of them was likely important. I don’t even know who sent me the third. Now I’m pissed!

(Investigation determines that the third message was from cron, so it’s no big loss.)

Written on July 14, 2003