journal for 2003-07-13

sunday in brief

We got up. I was pretty bleary because I was still half on west coast time.

Birthday week has begun! Gloria gave me a copy of Chu Chu Rocket for GBA. Chu Chu Rocket is awesome. It’s one of the weirdest (good) games on the modern consoles, and it’s also good on GBA. It’s relatively primitive, graphically; it’s funny to see how little it changed in the port from the powerful SDC to the wee GBA.

It’s good.

We took out trash, stopped at my parents’ place, got some (tasty) ice cream, ate a light lunch from Wegman’s, and then went out to see Pirates of The Caribbean. It was just fine. The movie wasn’t really very good, but it was pretty enjoyable. There was buckle-swashing and swordplay and Johnny Depp was cool.

We had some mac and cheese for dinner, and that was our day.

Written on July 13, 2003