text: writing and reading it

October 7, 2004

Shawn S. sent me a link to TextMate, a new OS X editor. Their web page promises that “It’s time to turn envy into pride and end your desire for Windows- and UNIX-based editors once and for all.” In case you think that’s great, let me advise you: it’s bullshit.

roget, svk, wodehouse

October 5, 2004

Today being Monday, I worked from home. I feel like I didn’t have a super-productive day, but I got CGI::Form::Table out there, which is going to be useful in refactoring some old work code and writing some new stuff, so that’s good. I wish the WebCore JS wasn’t so stupid about THEAD elements, but I guess I’ll get around to finding a workaround sometime.

bad dns, good isp

October 3, 2004

Well, UltraDNS still hasn’t updated their data, so clients are still being sent to my old IP. You can imagine that I am less and less thrilled with this as the days go by. The DNS needs an enema.

dns propagation

October 2, 2004

manxome.org is still in limbo. I made another update to the NS records via gandi.net, to eliminate any need for the old ns names to resolve, thinking that maybe this was causing some weird problem. Nope! Hours later and I still get old NS records from tld?.ultradns.net. I know it can take a day or so, but this is nuts. Why are DNS updates still so slow? I find it hard to believe that there are really good reasons for this nonsense to persist. I just want to be able to get mail again!

the new dsl

October 1, 2004

My new DSL modem was waiting for me when I got home. I plugged it in, but the loop wasn’t active yet. We sat around for a while and watched some TV, but I kept looking over to see whether the DSL light came on. It didn’t, though, and after a while we went out and got some pie. On returning home, the light was on and a little investigation showed about 4Mbps down and 600Kbps up. Nice!

death to verizon

September 30, 2004

I abandoned Verizon when MCI introduced The Neighborhood. I’d long wanted unlimited long distance. “Verizon,” I said, “will you do that for me?” They said, “No.”

hand cramps, et al

September 30, 2004

Workrave has done a good job at helping me avoid hand pains, and the fact that one instance of it can communicate with others is just keen. Unfortunately, I don’t split my time between two Win32 machines so much, but rather between my Win32 box and my Mac. AntiRSI is great, but it doesn’t talk to Workrave. I almost feel motivated enough to try my hand at C again to fix this problem… but not quite enough, yet. Maybe after a few more shooting pains.

my poor bike

September 29, 2004

It was misty, this morning, but I decided to bike to work anyway. I wasn’t going to get very wet, and I don’t mind getting wet coming home. When it was time to head home, it was raining like crazy. My only regret was not having my rear fender with me, because it meant that my ass was going to get soaked.


September 20, 2004

I work from home on Mondays. I find it’s a good way to avoid having people barge in on me while I’m trying to get in the zone. At work, my office is, I think, one of the nicest in the building, as far as atmosphere goes. I have a nice lamp, a good arrangement of furniture, and good music. People stop in to ask me questions and give me information I need, and I really do enjoy the fact that my office seems to make them feel at ease.