November 3, 2004

America has awakened from its long national nightmare… and pressed the snooze button.

kinesis (again), notational velocity, delicious

November 2, 2004

Kinesis replied to my request for information, solving my problems. On these older Contours, (Keymap,PrintScn) is not Windows. Instead, I need (Keymap,H). That works, so I can now correctly map keys using the keyboard’s own remappability. I’ve removed (again) my scancode registry entry, and am going to give things another go!

i voted already!

November 2, 2004

I voted, I voted! Please, please, PLEASE stop calling me and telling me to vote, to vote for someone, to vote against someone, or to vote in a particular form of dress. Tonight they will count votes, and by Friday, we will have a clear President-Elect. I DEMAND IT.

passing undef from tt2

November 1, 2004

url: http://template-toolkit.org/pipermail/tt3/2004-March/000050.html

grits and drive-bys

October 31, 2004

Gloria and I took Duan to breakfast and the airport this morning. More accurately, Gloria drove Duan and me, and Duan treated Gloria and me. I sort of sat around and tried not to wince every time I moved. My back and neck have been incredibly sore! We went to the Cracker Barrel in Clinton, and breakfast was pretty good. Their grits were actually just fine, which Gloria says was not the case at the Fogelsville Cracker Barrel.

genesis bicycles

October 29, 2004

As I believe the kids say, “Mad props due.”

"my" kinesis

October 29, 2004

cwinters has been awesome enough to lend me his extra Kinesis Ergo Contour keyboard. Since I’ve got someone visiting this week, I’ve stuck to the simple split-key keyboard, so that I can continue to work as normal. The plan is to really start using it next week. Today, though, the guest left work for a few hours, feeling under the weather, so I hooked up the Kinesis and got to work. Sort of.

praise be to our accountant

October 28, 2004

I called our accountant, today, to ask about my holiday availability. See, we get an extra week of paid time starting in our fifth year of employment. It’s weird: you don’t get it after five full years, but in the fifth year. So, if you’re hired in December, you only need to work for the company for about four years before you start having five extra days available. I, on the other hand, started in January of 2001.

mssql and other horrors

October 28, 2004

I’ve put up another MSSQL-related module, Time::Piece::MSSQL. I’ve found myself writing very small modules that don’t do much except make my life easier. That’s good stuff. Like, I wrote an OO wrapper around Time::Duration that lets me deal with duration-in-seconds columns in my databases very easily. Schwern and Tony get beers when I see them next, for CDBI.

ergonomic keyboards.

October 19, 2004

I really want to test drive a Kinesis Ergo. I hear (mostly) rave reviews, but I don’t want to buy a $250 input device, just to find that I can’t use it.