metroid prime woe

Metroid Prime 2 remains great. I had my second boss battle today, and it was good. I now have quite a bit of new gear, and I’m enjoying doing all the usual Metroid stuff. Around 20:00, Gloria had been home (from teaching Yoga) for a little while, and I thought we’d watch some of the Jeeves and Wooster we had from Netflix. It took me nearly forty minutes to find the next save station, having just entered a new zone. There should never come a point in playing a game where you are frustrated that you can’t turn it off without losing a lot of work. Ever.

Work was quite busy today, which was refreshing. I got to hack together a few quick scripts to solve small urgent problems, and I had to learn and then teach three-dimensional lookups in Excel. (Awful!) I think there’s been some amount of cramming going on because people know I won’t be in next week, and they want to get next week’s work fit into today and tomorrow. Fine with me!

Written on November 19, 2004