index cards

The index cards and push pins I ordered arrived today. I took down the cards for the aborted “let’s code together!” project, but I haven’t put anything new up. The cards for the characterization system are still there, mocking me. I need to put up a card for the current blocker, “dynamic by-variant widgets.”

Or, better, “feel enthused.”

I’m a little more enthused about some of my personal work. Rubric is now at a state where I could use it instead of for storing my own links. Hopefully it will be cleaner, faster, and more featureful by December. Some index cards would read: with no current_user, group recent entries by URI; port to PostgreSQL; add optional long text field to entries; add paging of large entry sets. Maybe I’ll write a Bryar datasource. Also, documentation.

I got an email from my mother, yesterday, informing me that a family friend died. He was only 28, and there was no cause given in the paper. He and I weren’t close, but it’s weird. He had a wife and daughter. I only regularly communicate with two friends from my high school days. I wonder whether everyone else is OK.

At the gym, I found an interesting magazine on the shelf: “In Character.” It’s published three times per year (they say; this is their first issue), and each issue is a series of essays and interviews about a single “everyday virtue.” This issue was “thrift,” and “purpose” is next. I really enjoyed it, and I think there’s about a half workout’s worth of articles left for me.

As a side-note, I stumbled across the pseudo-word “quartermesterly,” but I don’t think it’s an accepted English word. I wish the OED was freely available online.

Written on November 11, 2004