head first o'reilly hacks fan notebook

I am getting freaking /sick/ of O’Reilly!

Several times a week, I get a new book announcement. Sometimes it’s several times in a day. I like to get announcements of new books, because I assume that sometimes it will be about something that interests me. I think the last two months’ announcements have all been crap, though. They’ve all been “Foo Hacks” and “Head-First Foo” and “Foo Annoyances” and “Foo Developer’s Notebook” and now, worst of all, “Foo Fan Book.” The saddist part about this is that Foo seems to always bee “iSomething” or “JSomething” or “Something Not Computer Related.”

I keep expecting “Lawnmower Hacks” or “Betamax Fan Book” or “Padlock Annoyances.” In fact, looking over the next few months’ schedule, I see exactly one book in which I’m somewhat interested: the third edition of the make(1) book.

Maybe it’s time to start buying more Manning and AW books.

Written on November 22, 2004